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Incubation       Energy

Incubation      Circular economy

Agri business







Connecting consumers to farmers






Our priority is to make local food commodities easily accessible by urban resident and small retailers in Freetown through mobile technology. 




Preincubation Ago processing Project 2000 is developing a farm to deliver fresh vegetables on demand to medium size hotels, restaurants Delivery of fresh produce remains fragmented in Freetown. Some hotels and restaurants have to travel to a market to buy their supplies. Project 2000 is developing a service for delivery 72 hrs after order.
Preincubation Exponential Tech Face recognition software 70% of Sierra Leoneans have to access to financial services. To broaden  financial inclusion- KYC- is moving to digital identity and other innovative forms of identification- finger print etc. face recognition will form one such form of ID. In the health sector, the need for accurate patient records and DOTs can be supported by face recognition software.
Preincubation Social Entrepreneurship Clean Cooking Stove Hundred of thousands of households still use open fire for cooking. The fuel is often charcoal which is the primary cause of respiratory deaths in women and children particularly. The use of charcoal also contributes to deforestation which contributes to negative climate change effects.
Preincubation Assistive Technology Bionic Arm
Incubation (Validation) Ed Tech School Management system Effective and digital management of schools
Pre incubation Ed tech Easy Access, Ebooks


Three  school kids came up with the idea. They won the first ever Diamond Challenge held in Sierra Leone
Incubation (Validation) Agtech Jim Agri Greenhouses is a must in a country that wants to reduce its dependence on imports for food. This company is already building green houses and supplying fresh vegetables. Job creation is significant.
Incubation (Validation) Blue Economy Aminata Fish Farming-Agtech


Aminata is developing tilapia fish farming
Pre incubation Tourism Sabi Salone Discover Freetown with a focus on young professionals and foreign back packers
Incubation (MVP, Validation Circular Economy Pavement tiles and construction blocks made entirely from plastic waste The significant and growing problem of the lack of any system to recycle plastic is been addressed. Further the provision of low cost housing necessitates innovations in building materials- in particular use of non cement based blocks.

Job creation potential is close to 3000., if we include young persons that will also collect and sell the plastic to the us.

Incubation (MVP) Validation Fashion/Cosmetic The first locally produced cosmetics The company has the potential to trigger the production of shae butter production locally which can bring incomes to women farmers in particular. We also anticipate job creation.
Pre incubation Social Entrepreneurship/ Fashion accessories Bead making The entrepreneur already has significant sales, employer several young and including disable persons.