Entrepreneurship Support

Sierra Leone, like most countries, face unprecedented opportunities for high Growth and value Creating entrepreneurs and innovators to transform this country. These opportunities fall under- Demographic Dividend, Digital Disruptions, Agtech, The Circular Economy/Waste to Wealth, and Social Entrepreneurship.

Because of technology and the internet, almost every known business model is in the process of being disrupted, re-invented, or re-imagined. New products and services are emerging at a pace never before seen and competition is no longer limited by geographical boundaries. No business model is completely immune to this disruption. But with this new disruption and competition comes massive new opportunity. It has never been easier to create new business models and to address national or global audiences.

In Africa and in our sub region, we are witnessing the spectacular growth of tech oriented start-ups, creating jobs and creating value. In countries such as Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, South Africa we are seeing the emergence of tech companies attracting domestic and foreign investors. Many of these companies have markets across the continent.

In order for Sierra Leone to be relevant in this emerging future global economy, we must build and grow companies that participate in these new methods of value creation. Entrepreneurs are the explorers and authors of this new way of life and work. Indeed a new model for economic development is that in which entrepreneurs use the new digital technologies in innovative ways to address development issues. In this regard, digital solutions to bring about financial inclusion is a good example.

We, as organisations and supporters of entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone, must identify and support the entrepreneurs who are disrupting and cannibalizing the old business models with the new. We must develop platforms that is inclusive to marginal groups- female, school drop outs, and those leaving outside the major towns.

To accomplish this, a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem is needed to support entrepreneurs and innovators.