Our Value Proposition

  • For seed stage, start ups, growth stage who need start up services, acceleration, pre-investment, and post investment, Innovations Axis provides a hub, meeting place, tools, network of individuals, organisations and companies that will nurture, develop and grow your idea/business.
  • With experience from the start up scene in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa, Innovations Axis draws on best practices, alliances, partnerships, investors and mentors to help start or grow your business. We have a network of successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and mentors that will be look at your business plan and tell you what it takes to succeed
  • Innovations Axis has a team of experienced, accomplished, with proven track record individuals , partners that understand start ups, early stage, and middle stage growth.
  • Innovations Axis have worked in small, medium and large organisations and have started more than one business – and can count at least one failure in our portfolio. We have experience from the primary and secondary industries and modern tech and mobile businesses.