The fact is the vast majority of start ups in Sierra Leone struggle with the basics. While there are tons of materials and knowledge freely available online, about creating and growing a start-up, most new and potential future entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone don’t know how and where to start, what they should focus on, when to do what, and how to identify what’s relevant now and next. Our experience from Freetown Pitch, and other engagements with start-ups vindicates this. Many don’t know what available knowledge online is relevant, and how all these things connect with local support, trainings and services available in their ecosystems.

Our focus is to put all these pieces (both off line and online content) in right order, divide them into clear modules based on phases of business and organization development. So, for example in the formation and validation, we focus on ideation and conceptualization, with the content tailored to cater for different levels needed depending on the needs and roles of the start-up in in question.

We are particularily good at these segments

  1. Exponential technologies
  2. Waste to Wealth (the circular economy)
  3. Digital Agriculture
  4. Social Entrepreneurship