6 Month Startup – Ideation to Revenue and Fundraising

Innovations Axis Founder Development is the process of helping early and first-time founders through an experiential process. The process is  learned from serial founders, Selected Entrepreneurship programs,  and investors. This is NOT an academic program; it’s about launching and scaling a company first-within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. There are no grades or credits.

Innovations Axis Founder Development is all about you and how you think. The process will confirm that you have a solid idea and have talked with enough potential customers to have validated that idea. This is what we refer to as Ideation and Conceptualization.

  • Who should attend?
  • Founders or Starters – if you’re an aspiring Starter and want to confirm if your idea is worthwhile before you leave your day job or invest time and money. Potential Co-Founders – do you want to join a startup or are you looking for potential co-founders? You’ll likely find them here.
  • Corporate Innovators – if you’re looking to put some structure to your corporate goals; develop new business ideas for your company – this program will make you think like an entrepreneur!
  • Students – if you want to learn a process and structure to think about your ideas or the ideas of companies, you might consider joining in the future! Just know that your first idea may not be the idea you’ll ultimately launch.

Contact us for more info At mail(at)innovationsaxis.com