About us

Innovations Axis is a daughter company of Innovation SL Ltd. It is Sierra Leone’s first fully functioning incubator and accelerator, with programs (Incubation and Acceleration) framed on 5 Containers/Stages:

  1. Formation;
  2. Validation;
  3. Scaling;
  4. Growth; and
  5. Exit

Innovations Axis use a combination of tools and methodologies to move entrepreneurs from Ideation to Growth, using the Startup Commons Framework (shown below).

In the Formation container we use Design-driven entrepreneurship principles (Business Model Canvas, Customer Discovery) to develop an idea to a concept and MVP, while the Validation container offers Lean Start-up tools with a focus on validating a Minimum Viable Product through iterating and/or pivoting.  

Beyond Validation we employ Vilcap methodology for scaling up, offering an effective investment readiness program using the [1]Vilcap Viral Tool, the framework through which VilCap programs are run. All curriculum and peer ranks are informed by this simple chart. VIRAL gets investors and entrepreneurs speaking the same language and developing a shared understanding of what entrepreneurs need to get to their next level of funding.

We also provide Entrepreneurial Development Training, focusing on developing business skills, presentation skills and managing a business. Our Entrepreneurial Development Training Program (EDTP), often held in association with development partners, is created to provide an alternate route to gainful employment for young people and economically disadvantaged individuals through their own businesses.

Innovations Axis are located in a warehouse complex in Kingtom with 3000 sqm comprising of an open-plan co-working space of hot desks, an open co-working space for incubatees and acceleratees, private offices, a large conference room sit, a reception area and a cafeteria. Our 3,000 sqm exhibition space is ideal for social and business events, seminars and courses and will come into use mid 2019.

Our accelerator model is an integrated consulting service, addressing business models, business plan development and refinement, strategic marketing, investor presentation development and refinement, fundraising and other areas required to create a world-class company.

Our Value Proposition

Innovations Axis has a team of experienced, accomplished, with proven track record individuals, partners that understand startups, early stage, and middle stage growth. Our founders, service providers and mentoring partners have extensive local and international networks and experience in diverse industries including ICT, agribusiness, sales and distribution, enterprise, innovation leadership and management, mobile payments, social entrepreneurship, healthcare, internet-based services, fisheries, telecommunications and multimedia, We have worked in small, medium and large organizations and have started more than one business – and can look back at at least one failure.

With experience from the start-up scene in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa, Innovations Axis draws on best practices, alliances, partnerships, investors and mentors to help start or grow your business. For seed stage, start-ups and growth stage enterprises who need start-up services, acceleration and pre and post investment, Innovations Axis provides a hub, meeting place, the tools, networks, organizations and companies to nurture, develop and grow your idea/business. Our network of successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and mentors can look at your business plan and tell you what it will take to succeed.

Innovations Axis ultimate goal is to provide the space and support for local talents to lead the change they desire in their society/community through creative home-grown solutions.

[1] Village Capital is a venture capital firm that finds, trains, and invests in early-stage ventures solving major global problems in agriculture, education, energy, financial inclusion, and health. VilCap Investments, LLC is its affiliated, managed investment fund.