Vilcap Community

We are a member of the Vilcap Community. Village Capital and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) Impact Programme have launched VilCap Communities Africa, a programme to equip entrepreneur ecosystem leaders across sub-Saharan Africa with the tools, resources and connections they need to catalyze impact investment.

GEN SL our parent was part of the Lagos Cohort. In Lagos the program covered

  • How to attract funding for our program
  • How to stimulate investment capital in our ecosystem
  • How to recruit and select high potential ventures
  • How to help prepare entrepreneurs to become ready for investment
  • How to improve certain aspects of our ecosystem that need development, such as corporate partnerships, mentor networks, angel networks and access to venture capital.


Village Capital has been one of the most active entrepreneur support organizations in sub-Saharan Africa since 2012, leveraging extensive proprietary research, dedicated locally-based teams, and deep regional networks. Our initiatives are sector-specific, creating focused approaches to sourcing and supporting entrepreneurs with solutions to address the world’s biggest problems. Through these initiatives, entrepreneurs get access to the skills, training, and networks they needs to scale their innovations.

This work is reinforced through a collaboration with DFID to license this proven model to local accelerator and incubator programs across the continent in nascent entrepreneur support ecosystems.

Innovations Axis through GEN SL is member of the Vilcap Community. VilCap Communities enables investors and ecosystem leaders to democratize entrepreneurship everywhere, using our peer-review model. In our pilot year, 26 investors and ecosystem leaders have committed to invest more than $1.25 million in local companies through peer review.

We offer an effective investment readiness program using the Vilcap Viral Tool.

VIRAL is the framework through which VilCap programs run. All curriculum and peer ranks are informed by this simple chart. VIRAL is meant to get investors and entrepreneurs speaking the same language and have a shared understanding of what entrepreneurs need to get to their next level of funding.